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Everyone bring their families and have a blast. The more people we get out here the better it will be.

Melissa Moore

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They are so big that it shows the force of the blast was tremendous.

Ruben Escudero

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I had a blast talking to him.

Billy Hurley

This is a blast tonight.

Chris Cagle

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It should be a blast. To have the entire team there, (the people) are psyched.

Tim Duncan

Blast from the Past.

Brendan Fraser

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The organizations really get into their booths; it'll be a blast.

Gregory Evans

I'm having a blast and really looking forward to this race.

David Hughes

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A couple of officers actually saw the muzzle blast from the gun so they were very, very close.

Ron Reier

I'm nervous but I know he'll have a blast.

Carol Wheeler

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It was quite the jump, being thrown into it. It's been a blast.

Brett Buckles

I've had a blast. Running out of that tunnel every week is a big rush.

Michael O'hara

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It looks like it (the blast) was caused by explosives.

Celalettin Cerrah

It's way fun, it's a blast. And how cool is it to have something like this to do in Newton?

Cara Mcculley

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The noise was like a concussion blast.

Terry Dean

Trips were always a blast; he was just a funny guy.

Bobby Anglin

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It's going to be a blast.

Tucker Tonkel

Shenzhou-6 is set to blast off in September, or October basically.

Zhang Qingwei

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