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Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia.

Charles M. Schulz

OK, go away, and I'll find someone who really wants to play for Australia.

Allan Border

She's a bleeder, which is why they never ran her too far in Australia because they couldn't treat her over there.

Bobby Frankel

Yes, it's a bit disappointing [losing the final of the World Cup against Australia].

Sourav Ganguly

Some people say 'Why go to Australia?'. I say, 'Why not?'.

Mark Price

There are better alternatives, ... Australia should be exporting its solar technology, not its uranium.

Bob Brown

It's fair to say we're disappointed with our performance in Australia.

Theresa Gattung

There's about seven and a half million homes in Australia.

Paul O'sullivan

I'll do more traveling. I'd like to go to Australia.

Sandra Dials

Yeah, I hear a lot of good things about Australia.

Dan Marsala

Someone said he wouldn't make a run in Australia, he sort of proved them wrong.

Trevor Goddard

It was a great excuse to go to Australia.

Gene Strusz

Australia, maybe Africa, maybe even Hawaii on an exchange program.

Heather Patterson

His admission in Australia has only added to the current uncertainty and sense of drift.

Menzies Campbell

I'm a big goofball, you know. Don't tell anyone that, but I'm a big goofball. In Australia we call it a dag.

Hugh Jackman

A black day for competition in Australia.

Paul Budde

I'm going to move to Australia.

Andre Benjamin

The crew in Australia was the best I ever had.

Rob Cohen

We're having a little bit of a shakeout, responding to weakness in Australia as much as anything.

Murray Rutherford

Australia is taking an aggressive view to attracting talent.

John Key