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It is likely to be the first of many attacks.

John Kilduff

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Stop Palestinian attacks against Israel.

Meir Sheetrit

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Society attacks early, when the individual is helpless.

B. F. Skinner

We can have discussion without letting it degenerate into personal attacks.

Peter Post

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[But] the bottom line is that IP telephony attacks are rare.

Lawrence Orans

He concealed the valuable information that he had about the impending attacks.

David Raskin

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The personal attacks and the attacks on the group are inappropriate.

Lisa Sampson

As terrible as they were, the attacks were not as spectacular as the 9/11 attacks. There weren't as many of them as there were in some other attacks.

Bill Harlow

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[Constituents] see these attacks for what they are.

Shannon Flaherty

There will probably be attacks until the last day.

Floyd Landis

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I hope the federal government will cease all attacks and will not try to arrest anyone.

Dimieari Von Kemedi

Everybody has learnt lessons from the July 7 attacks.

Rob Mcivor

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It's a clearinghouse for defamation and attacks against Muslims.

Ahmed Bedier

We got a lot of attacks and they helped sell our records.

Steve Bloom

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Most asthma attacks can be prevented.

Marjorie Crabtree

When you have free-roaming dogs, you get more attacks and bites.

Pam Rogers

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We now have a better appreciation of the linkages in such terror attacks and a better assessment of how to articulate it in public.

C. Uday Bhaskar

It wasn't nasty. There were no negative ads, no personal attacks.

Bob Bennett

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We believe the attacks were carried out by a single group.

Karnail Singh