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We are going to make the necessary adjustments to him not being around.

Carl Elliott

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You make a lot of adjustments in the early years, and it gets easier.

Carol Levine

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At halftime, they made adjustments.

Ronny Lemelle

Lebanon made some adjustments and we didn't react too well.

Travis Fryback

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When I look at myself on tape I can see that, but I just didn't make the adjustments at the time.

Alfonso Soriano

It can be fixed. We can make some adjustments, and it can be fixed.

Kami Meador

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'Yes, but not in the South', with slight adjustments, will do for any arguments about any place, if not about any person.

Stephen Potter

This is about positional adjustments so the salary scale is competitive.

Superintendent Donna Morelle

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We talk a lot. We ask if a guy is getting to them, and if he is we make adjustments.

Taylor Stokes

There's things that I miss and there's adjustments to be made. But as far as playing, no regrets.

Al Macinnis

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These adjustments Citizens is seeking to make are out of line.

Steve Burgess

We didn't do a good job of making adjustments at the plate.

Craig Nicholson

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We made all of the little adjustments I wanted us to make in the morning game.

Jim Nisbet

It was a bit of a disappointing day. We are ready to make some adjustments and play much, much better tomorrow.

Sue Nyhus

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I had to make some adjustments and find out what was working. I was really satisfied with myself physically.

Mark Redman

Our response time for these adjustments in gas prices should be very quick.

John Kadar

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It is just more than adjustments. The kids just have to want it.

Byron Jones

We did over 200 adjustments, ... My patients really responded.

Billy Carter

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I'd like to see some of those fuel adjustments on the power bills.

Beth Davis

I can't say we made any adjustments. The kids really stepped up and did a nice job of adjusting on their own.

Dan Martin

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