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A. J. MusteA. Philip RandolphAbbie HoffmanAbdul Waheed
Abu Bakar BashirAlan WoodsAlexandre Auguste Ledru-rollinAlice Paul
Alija IzetbegovicAndrew GoodmanAndy SternAngela Davis
Angelina GrimkeAung San Suu KyiBetty FriedanCarl Schurz
Che GuevaraDolores HuertaDorothy DayElizabeth Cady Stanton
Emiliano ZapataEmma GoldmanEthan AllenFlorence Nightingale
Georges Jacques DantonGermaine GreerGloria SteinemHassan Nasrallah
Ho Chi MinhJiang QingJim HightowerJohann Most
Jose MartiLeon TrotskyLydia M. ChildMalcolm X
Marquis De LafayetteMikhail BakuninNathan HaleNorman Thomas
Pancho VillaPatrick HenryPatrick Henry PearsePeter Kropotkin
Robin MorganSam BrownSimón BolívarWendell Phillips