Wolfgang Pauli
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/influences = Ernst Mach Carl Jung

/influenced = Ralph Kronig

/awards = Lorentz Medal (1931) Matteucci Medal (1956) Max Planck Medal (1958)

/religion = Deist

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/footnotes = His godfather was Ernst Mach. He is not to be confused with Wolfgang Paul, whom Pauli called his "imaginary part", a pun with the imaginary unit i.


"Wolfgang Ernst Pauli" (25 April 1900 – 15 December 1958) was an Austrian-born Swiss theoretical physicist and one of the pioneers of quantum mechanics/quantum physics.

In 1945, after having been nominated by Albert Einstein, Pauli received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his "decisive contribution through his discovery of a new law of Nature, the exclusion principle or Pauli exclusion principle/Pauli principle." The discovery involved spin (physics)/spin theory, which is the basis of a theory of the Matter#Structure/structure of matter.

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