"William Manning" may refer to:

*William Manning (author) (1747–1814), New England farmer, foot soldier and author of The Key of Libberty

*William Manning (Unitarian) (c. 1630–1711), English ejected minister and Unitarian writer

*William Manning (British politician) (1763–1835), British merchant and politician

*William Montagu Manning (1811–1895), Australian politician

*William Patrick Manning (1845–1915), Australian politician

*Sir William Manning (colonial governor) (1863–1932), British soldier and colonial administrator

*William T. Manning (1866–1949), American Episcopal bishop

*William Manning (bishop) (fl. 1945–1984), Anglican bishop in Africa

*William Oke Manning (1879–1958), British aerospace engineer

*William V. Manning (1868–1921), American architect

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