"William" or "Bill Hughes" may refer to:

*Bill Hughes (American football) (1915–1978), American football player

*Bill Hughes (first baseman) (1860–1928), baseball player

*Bill Hughes (musician) (born 1930), American jazz musician

*Bill Hughes (pitcher) (1896–1963), American baseball player in 1921

*Bill Hughes (police officer) (born 1950), Director General of Britain's Serious Organised Crime Agency

*William Hughes (As the World Turns), a fictional character on the American soap opera As the World Turns

*William Hughes (bishop) (died 1600), Welsh bishop of St Asaph

*William Hughes (footballer) (1865–?), footballer who played for Liverpool F.C.

*William Hughes (geographer) (1818–1876), British mapmaker, professor of geography and author

*William Hughes (professor), British professor of Gothic studies, and author/editor of several books on Bram Stoker and the Gothic

*William Hughes (senator) (1872–1918), U.S. representative and senator from New Jersey

*William Hughes (writer) (1803–1861), British writer on law and angling

*William Hughes, Baron Hughes of Hawkhill (1911–1999), Scottish Labour party politician

*William Hughes, 1st Baron Dinorben (1767–1852), British industrialist, politician and benefactor

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