"William Gallagher" may refer to:

* William Gallagher (civil servant) (1851–1933), British civil servant

* William Gallagher (politician) (1875–1946), U.S. Representative from Minnesota

* William Gallagher (writer), British writer and journalist

* William Gallagher (baseball) (1874–1950), baseball player

* William M. Gallagher (1923–1975), Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer

* Bill Gallagher (baseball) (1863–1890), US baseball player

* William Davis Gallagher (1808–1894), American journalist and poet

* Liam Gallagher (William John Paul Gallagher, born 1972), Oasis singer

* Rory Gallagher (William Rory Gallagher, 1948–1995), Irish blues-rock multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and bandleader

* Billy Zero (William Gallagher, born 1971), radio and TV host

* Billy Gallagher (born 1948), chef

* Bill Gallagher (inventor) (Alfred William Gallagher, 1911–1990), New Zealand businessman and inventor

* Willie Gallagher, Scottish professional footballer

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