"William Emerson" may refer to:

* William Emerson (mathematician) (1701–1782), English mathematician

* William Emerson (minister) (1769–1811), Unitarian minister, father of Ralph Waldo Emerson

* William Emerson (architect) (1843–1924), British architect

* William Emerson (footballer) (1891–1961), British footballer for Burnley and Glentoran

* William Emerson (journalist) (1923–2009), U.S. journalist

* William Ralph Emerson (1833–1917), American architect

* Bill Emerson (1938–1996), U.S. politician from Missouri

* Bill Emerson (musician) (born 1938), American country music performer

* William Emerson, Sr. (died 1776), minister and grandfather of Ralph Waldo Emerson

* William Henry Emerson (1860–1924), American chemist

* William Keith Emerson (born 1925), American malacologist

* William A. Emerson, retired senior vice president and national sales director of Merrill Lynch

"William Emerson" is also the given name of:

* Billy "The Kid" Emerson (born 1925), a preacher and former R&B and rock and roll singer and songwriter

* William Emerson Barrett (1858–1906), American journalist and politician

* William Emerson Brock (1872–1950), U.S. Senator from Tennessee

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