"William Cartwright" may refer to:

*William Cartwright (dramatist) (1611–1643), English dramatist and churchman

*William Cartwright (1634–1676), English politician who sat in the House of Commons in 1659

*William Cartwright (actor) (died 1686), English actor

*William Cartwright (c.1704–1768), English Member of Parliament for Northamptonshire

*William Cartwright (British Army officer), British general

*William Cartwright (film editor) (1920-2013), American television and film director, producer and editor

*William Cartwright (Bahamian politician) (c. 1923–2012), Bahamian politician and co-founder of the Progressive Liberal Party

*William Cornwallis Cartwright (1825–1915), British Member of Parliament for Oxfordshire, 1868–1885

*William Ralph Cartwright (1771–1847), English landowner and Tory politician who sat in the House of Commons between 1797 and 1846

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