"Wang Yi" may refer to:

* Wang Yi (Shushi), Eastern Han Dynasty official and scholar, see Book of the Later Han

* Wang Yi (librarian), Han Dynasty librarian, minor poet, and anthologist

* Wang Yi (Zhao Ang's wife), wife of Eastern Han Dynasty official Zhao Ang, joined her husband in resisting the warlord Ma Chao

* Wang Yi (Song Dynasty), one of the compilers of the History of Song

* Wang Yi (painter) (born 1330), Yuan Dynasty painter of human figures

* Wang Yi (politician) (born 1953), foreign minister of China

* Wang Yi (volleyball), volleyball player

* Wang Yi (water polo) (born 1987), water polo player

* Wang Yi (dissident), human rights activist sentenced to re-education through labor for posting political Twitter messages

* Wang Yi (figure skater) (born 1992), figure skater

* Wang Yi (footballer) (born 1990), Chinese football (soccer) player

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