"Walter Anderson" is the name of:

*Walter K. Andersen, American political scientist

*Walter Anderson (footballer) (1879–1904), English professional footballer

*Walter Anderson (historian) (1723-1800), British historian

*Walter Anderson (baseball) (1897–1990), former professional baseball player

*Walter Inglis Anderson (1903–1965), American painter

*Walter Anderson (editor) (born 1944), CEO of PARADE Magazine

*Walter Anderson (entrepreneur) (born 1953), telephone entrepreneur, convicted tax evader

*Walter Truett Anderson (born 1933), political scientist, futurist, author

*Walter Anderson (folklorist) (1885–1962), German ethnologist (folklorist)

*Walter Anderson (GC) (1890–1959), George Cross holder and Royal Air Force officer

*Walter Stratton Anderson (1881–1981), Director of the United States Office of Naval Intelligence.

*Walt Anderson (American football) (born c. 1952), National Football League referee

*Walter Anderson (Australian politician) (1865–1939), New South Wales politician

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