Vladimir Mayakovsky
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"Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky" was a Russian and USSR/Soviet poet, playwright, artist and stage and film actor.

1913-1917 saw Mayakovsky's rise to fame as a leader of the Russian Futurism/Russian Futurist movement, with poems like A Cloud in Trousers (1915) and Backbone Flute (1916) hailing the advent of the new wave of avant-garde poetry. Highly prolific, over the course of twenty years he turned from one art form to another, writing, directing his own plays and starring in films, collaborating with Sergey Eisenstein/Eisenstein, Shostakovich, Vsevolod Meyerhold/Meyerhold and Rodchenko, creating agitprop posters, editing the art journal LEF, giving readings in clubs, theaters and, after the 1917 Revolution (which he enthusiastically embraced), in factories, workers' clubs and Komsomol meetings. By the end of the 1920s, though, Mayakovsky has found himself engaged in confrontation with the Soviet literary nomenclature; his scathingly satirical plays The Bedbug (1929) and The Bathhouse (1930) outraging the Soviet critics.

In 1930 Mayakovsky committed suicide. A contradictory and controversial figure, he is considered a 20th-century Russian classic whose innovative works broke new grounds in Russian language, both in poetry and arts.

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