Tommy Lasorda
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"As player"

* History of the Brooklyn Dodgers/Brooklyn Dodgers (–)

* Oakland Athletics/Kansas City Athletics ()

"As manager"

* Los Angeles Dodgers (–)


* 2× World Series champion (, )

* 2× NL Manager of the Year (1983, 1988)

* Los Angeles Dodgers#Retired numbers/Los Angeles Dodgers #2 retired


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"Thomas Charles "Tommy" Lasorda" (born September 22, 1927) is a former Major League Baseball/Major League baseball player who has had a lengthy career in sports management. In 2009, he marked his sixth decade in one capacity or another with the Los Angeles Dodgers/Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers organization, the longest non-continuous (he played one season with the Kansas City Athletics) tenure anyone has had with the team, edging Dodger broadcaster Vin Scully by a single season. He was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum/National Baseball Hall of Fame as a manager in 1997.

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