Tom Greene
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"Thomas Alan Greene", known as "Tom Greene", is a veterinarian and rancher from Maringouin, Louisiana/Maringouin in Iberville Parish, Louisiana/Iberville Parish, Louisiana, who served in the Louisiana State Legislature/Louisiana State Senate from 1992 to 2000. He narrowly won the general election of 1991 and prevailed comfortably in the nonpartisan blanket primary in 1995 as a Democratic Party (United States)/Democrat. During his second term, however, he switched affiliation to Republican Party (United States)/Republican.

Greene did not seek a third term in the Senate in the 1999 primary. Instead, he challenged fellow Democrat-turned-Republican Governor of Louisiana/Governor Murphy J. Foster, Jr./Murphy J. "Mike" Foster, Jr. in the gubernatorial primary, but polled only 35,434 votes (2.7 percent).

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