Sam Houston
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"Samuel "Sam" Houston" was an American politician and soldier, best known for his role in bringing Republic of Texas/Texas into the United States as a U.S. state/constituent state. His victory at the Battle of San Jacinto secured the independence of Texas from Mexico. The only American to be elected governor of two different States (as opposed to territories or indirect appointments), he was also the only Southern governor to oppose secession (which led to the outbreak of the American Civil War) and to refuse an oath of allegiance to the Confederacy, a decision that led to his removal from office by the Texas secession convention.

Houston was born at Church Hill/Timber Ridge Plantation in Rockbridge County of Virginia, of Scotch-Irish American/Scots-Irish descent. After migrating to Tennessee from Virginia, he spent time with the Cherokee/Cherokee Nation (into which he later was adopted as a citizen and into which he married), military service in the War of 1812, and successful participation in Tennessee politics. In 1827, Houston was elected Governor of Tennessee as a Jacksonian Democrats/Jacksonian. In 1829, he resigned as governor and relocated to Arkansas Territory. In 1832, Houston was involved in an altercation with a U.S. Congressman, followed by a high-profile trial.

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