Robert Wagner
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"Robert John Wagner, Jr." is an American actor of stage, screen, and television, best known for starring in the television shows It Takes a Thief (1968 TV series)/It Takes a Thief (1968–70), Switch (TV series)/Switch (1975–78), and Hart to Hart (1979–84). He also had a recurring role as Teddy Leopold on the TV sitcom Two and a Half Men and has a recurring role as Anthony DiNozzo Sr. on the police procedural NCIS (TV series)/NCIS.

In movies, Wagner is known for his role as Number 2 (Austin Powers)/Number Two in the Austin Powers (film series)/Austin Powers trilogy of films (1997, 1999, 2002), as well as for A Kiss Before Dying (1956 film)/A Kiss Before Dying, The Pink Panther (1963 film)/The Pink Panther, Harper (film)/Harper, The Towering Inferno and many more.

Wagner's autobiography, Pieces of My Heart: A Life, written with author Scott Eyman, was published on September 23, 2008.

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