Robert Clive
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"War of the Austrian Succession"Battle of Madras"Second Carnatic War"Siege of ArcotBattle of ArneeBattle of Chingleput"Seven Years' War"Battle of ChandannagarBattle of Plassey

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Major-general (United Kingdom)/Major-General "Robert Clive, 1st Baron Clive", Order of the Bath/KB Member of Parliament/MP Fellow of the Royal Society/FRS (29 September 1725 – 22 November 1774), also known as "Clive of India", was a Kingdom of Great Britain/British officer and soldier of fortune who established the military and political supremacy of the British East India Company/East India Company in Bengal. He is credited with securing India, and the wealth that followed, for the British crown. Together with Warren Hastings he was one of the key early figures in the creation of British Raj/British India. He also sat in a rotten borough as a Tory (British political party)/Tory Member of Parliament in Great Britain.

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