"Richard King" is the name of:

*Richard King (traveller) (1811–1876), English surgeon, Arctic traveler and early ethnological writer

*Richard King (Texas) (1824–1885), founder of the King Ranch in South Texas

*Sir Richard King, 1st Baronet (1730–1806), British admiral, Commodore Governor for Newfoundland and Labrador

*Sir Richard King, 2nd Baronet (1774–1834), son of the above and British admiral who served at the Battle of Trafalgar

*Richard King (sound designer), three-time Oscar winner

*Richard King (MP) (died c. 1640), English lawyer and politician who sat in the House of Commons between 1640 and 1643

*Richard King (cricketer) (born 1984), former English cricketer

*Richard King (artist) (1907–1974), Irish stained glass artist and illustrator

*Richard King (priest) (1871–1958), Dean of Derry, 1921–1946

*Richard D. King, California Air National Guard Brigadier General

*Rich King (basketball) (born 1969), American basketball player

*Ricky King (born 1946), German guitarist

*Dick King (American football) (1895–1930), All-American and early professional football player

*Dick King (1813–1871), English trader and colonist

*Dick King (politician) (born 1934), American politician

*Dick King-Smith (1922–2011), author

*Richard E. King, British academic

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