"Rebecca Peta White" is an Australian politician. She grew up in Nugent, Tasmania/Nugent, and studied Commerce and Arts at the University of Tasmania before working for Australian Labor Party/Labor MP for Division of Denison/Denison Duncan Kerr.

For the Tasmanian state election, 2010/2010 Tasmanian state election, White was endorsed as one of the Labor candidates for Division of Lyons (state)/Lyons. Her campaign focused on "renewal", pointing out that sitting MPs Michael Polley and David Llewellyn (Australian politician)/David Llewellyn had both been in the parliament for over twenty years. Her advertising made use of Polly Waffle wrappers, "Pollywaffle" being a disparaging nickname for Polley. At the election, White narrowly defeated Llewellyn for the second Labor seat (also defeating the third sitting MP, Heather Butler).[http://blogs.abc.net.au/antonygreen/2010/03/the-candidates-for-lyons.html Antony Green's Election Blog: The Candidates for Lyons]

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