Randal Pinkett
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"Randal D. Pinkett" is a business consultant who in 2005 was the winner of The Apprentice (U.S. season 4)/season four of the reality television show, The Apprentice (US TV Series)/The Apprentice. Pinkett was the first African American to win the US version of The Apprentice.

With an educational background in engineering and business, Pinkett is both a Rhodes Scholar and a Walter Byers Scholar, holding five academic degrees. Before entering the reality show, Pinkett had already established a career in business, and had become co-founder of business consulting firm BCT Partners in 2001. As winner of the fourth season in December 2005, Pinkett undertook a yearlong apprenticeship with Trump Entertainment Resorts in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

After The Apprentice, Pinkett has continued as chairman and CEO of BCT Partners, while also acting as a public speaker and appearing on later editions of the show, and on CEO Exchange, and also entering politics.

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