Philip Pullman
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"Philip Pullman" Order of the British Empire/CBE, FRSL is a British people/British writer. He is the author of several best seller/best-selling books, most notably the fantasy fiction/fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials and the fictionalised biography of Jesus, The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ. In 2008, The Times named Pullman one of the "50 greatest British literature/British writers since 1945".

Northern Lights (novel)/Northern Lights, the first book of the His Dark Materials trilogy, won the 1995 Carnegie Medal (literary award)/Carnegie Medal from the CILIP/Library Association, recognising the year's outstanding English-language children's book.

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For the 70th anniversary of the Medal it was named one of the top ten winning works by a panel, composing the ballot for a public election of the all-time favourite.

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