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"Pericles" was arguably the most prominent and influential Greeks/Greek Politician/statesman, orator and general of History of Athens/Athens during the Age of Pericles/Golden Age— specifically the time between the Greco-Persian Wars/Persian and Peloponnesian War/Peloponnesian wars. He was descended, through his mother, from the powerful and historically influential Alcmaeonidae/Alcmaeonid family.

Pericles had such a profound influence on Athenian society that Thucydides, a contemporary historian, acclaimed him as "the first citizen of Athens". Pericles turned the Delian League into an Athenian empire, and led his countrymen during the first two years of the Peloponnesian War. The period during which he led Athens, roughly from 461 to 429 BC, is sometimes known as the "Age of Pericles", though the period thus denoted can include times as early as the Persian Wars, or as late as the next century.

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