"Paul Jackson" is the name of:

*Paul Jackson (artist), American watercolorist

*Paul Jackson (Australian cricketer) (born 1961), Australian cricketer for Victorian and Queensland

*Paul Jackson (bassist) (born 1947), fusion bassist

*Paul Jackson (game producer), British video game publisher

*Paul Jackson (ice hockey) (born 1940), Canadian retired professional ice hockey defenceman

*Paul Jackson (Irish cricketer) (born 1959), Irish cricketer

*Paul Jackson (poker player), English professional poker player

*Paul Jackson (producer) (born 1947), British television producer

*Paul Jackson (rugby league) (born 1978), English rugby league player

*Paul Jackson, Jr. (born 1959), fusion guitarist

*Sgt. Paul Jackson, a playable character in the video game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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