Paul Gallant
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"Paul-Émile Gallant" was a Canada/Canadian entrepreneur who invented the Puzz-3D three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles. He is also credited with inventing both the Wrebbit Puzzle Machine, which is now known as the Puzzle Shots Factory, and the Perfalock flat foam puzzle.

Gallant was born in Edmundston, New Brunswick. He initially began his career in the music industry, which lasted approximately eighteen years. Gallant worked for Trans Canada Musique, Columbia Records (a division of Sony Music) and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/CBC.

Gallant switched careers and began working in the toy industry in the late 1980s. He began working on a new concept for the traditional puzzle, but involving Three-dimensional space/3D solutions inspired by commercial design. Gallant reportedly completed his prototype for what would be called Puzz-3D after one year of design.

In 1989, Gallant laminated polyethylene foam, the same type used to insulate airliner cockpits, with paper and built his first 3D puzzle (a miniature wall) on his kitchen table.

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