Paul Begala
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"Paul Edward Begala" is an United States/American political consulting/political consultant and political commentator. He was an adviser to President of the United States/President Bill Clinton. Begala was a chief strategist for the 1992 Clinton–Gore campaign, which carried 33 states and made Clinton the first Democrat to win the White House in twelve years. As counselor to the President in the Clinton White House, he coordinated policy, politics, and communications.

Along with James Carville, Begala gained national prominence as the political consulting team "Carville and Begala". Until June 2005, Begala was a co-host of CNN's political debate program Crossfire (TV series)/Crossfire. He is an Affiliated Professor of Public Policy at Georgetown University's McCourt School of Public Policy. Currently, he is teaching at the University of Georgia School of Law as a Sanders Political Leadership Scholar.

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