Paul Anka
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"Paul Albert Anka", is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and actor. Anka became famous in the late 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s with hit songs like "Diana (Paul Anka song)/Diana", "Lonely Boy (Paul Anka song)/Lonely Boy", "Put Your Head on My Shoulder", and "(You're) Having My Baby". He wrote such well-known music as Johnny's Theme/the theme for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and one of Tom Jones (singer)/Tom Jones's biggest hits, "She's a Lady", as well as the English lyrics for Frank Sinatra's signature song, "My Way (song)/My Way" (originally the French song "Comme d'habitude"). He was inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame in 2005.

In 1983, he co-wrote the song "I Never Heard" with Michael Jackson. It was retitled and released in 2009 under the name "This Is It (Michael Jackson song)/This Is It". An additional song that Jackson co-wrote with Anka from this 1983 session, "Love Never Felt So Good", was since discovered and was released on Jackson's posthumous album Xscape (album)/Xscape in 2014. The song was also released by Johnny Mathis in 1984.

Anka became a Naturalization/naturalized US citizen in 1990.

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