"Patrick Lane Moody" was a convicted killer, put to death by lethal injection in Raleigh, North Carolina/Raleigh's Central Prison.

On September 16, 1994, Moody, who was of marginal intelligence, shot and killed his girlfriend's husband. Moody's girlfriend, Wanda Robbins, of Davidson County, North Carolina, convinced him to shoot and kill her husband, Donnie Robbins, who had a $5000 life insurance policy.

Many requests for clemency were made, on the grounds of both his marginal intelligence and allegations that the drugs used in North Carolina's lethal injection mixture could cause "unconstitutional pain and suffering". All requests were denied by North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley.

For his final meal he ate turkey with dressing, a tossed salad with blue cheese dressing, strawberry cheesecake, and a Coke. His final words were, "I'll see you in heaven. I'll see you up there."

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