Pat Benatar
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"Patricia Mae Andrzejewski", known professionally as "Pat Benatar", is an American singer and four-time Grammy Award winner. She is a mezzo-soprano. She has had considerable commercial success, particularly in the United States. During the 1980s, Benatar had two RIAA-certified Multi-Platinum albums, five RIAA-certified Platinum albums, three RIAA-certified Gold albums and 15 Top 40 singles, including the Top 10 hits, "Hit Me with Your Best Shot", "Love Is a Battlefield", "We Belong" and "Invincible (Pat Benatar song)/Invincible". Other popular singles include "Heartbreaker (Pat Benatar song)/Heartbreaker", "Treat Me Right (Pat Benatar song)/Treat Me Right", "Fire and Ice (Pat Benatar song)/Fire and Ice", "Promises in the Dark", "Shadows of the Night", and "All Fired Up (Pat Benatar song)/All Fired Up". Benatar was one of the most heavily played artists in the early days of MTV. She was the first female artist to play on MTV, performing "You Better Run".

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