Oliver Cromwell
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"English Civil War:"

Battle of Gainsborough/Gainsborough; Battle of Marston Moor/Marston Moor; Second Battle of Newbury/Newbury II; Battle of Naseby/Naseby; Battle of Langport/Langport; Battle of Preston (1648)/Preston; Battle of Dunbar (1650)/Dunbar; Battle of Worcester/Worcester


"Oliver Cromwell" (25 April 15993 September 1658)13 September 1658./group=N}} was an English Military history of the United Kingdom/military and Politics of England/political leader and later Lord Protector#Cromwellian Commonwealth/Lord Protector of the The Protectorate/Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland.

Born into the middle gentry, Cromwell was relatively obscure for the first 40 years of his life. After undergoing a religious conversion in the 1630s, he became an Independent (religion)/independent puritan, taking a generally tolerant view towards the many Protestant sects of his period. An intensely religious man—a self-styled Puritan Moses—he fervently believed that God was guiding his victories.

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