"Nathan Bedford Forrest" was a General officers in the Confederate States Army/lieutenant general in the Confederate States Army/Confederate Army during the American Civil War. He is remembered both as a self-educated, innovative cavalry leader during the war and as a leading Southern advocate in the postwar years. He was a Delegate#Democratic Party/pledged delegate from Tennessee to the 1868 Democratic National Convention/New York Democratic national convention of 4 July 1868. He served as the first Grand Wizard (head of movement) of the Ku Klux Klan, but later distanced himself from the organization.

A cavalry and military commander in the war, Forrest is one of the war's most unusual figures. Less educated than many of his fellow officers, Forrest had already amassed a fortune as a planter, real estate investor, and slave trader before the war. He was one of the few officers in either army to enlist as a private and be promoted to general officer and division commander by the end of the war. Although Forrest lacked formal military education, he had a gift for strategy and tactics. He created and established new doctrines for mobile forces, earning the nickname The Wizard of the Saddle.{{Cite book


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