Mike Rutherford
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"Michael John Cleote Crawford "Mike" Rutherford" is an English musician. He is a founding member of Genesis (band)/Genesis and one of the band's only two constant members (the other is keyboardist Tony Banks (musician)/Tony Banks). He used his full name Michael Rutherford in credits on all the group's albums with Peter Gabriel.

Initially serving as Genesis' bass guitarist and backing vocalist, Rutherford also performed most of the band's rhythm guitar parts - frequently on twelve-string guitar - in collaboration with successive Genesis lead guitarists Anthony Phillips and Steve Hackett. Following Hackett's departure from Genesis in 1977, Rutherford assumed the additional role of lead guitarist on the band's studio albums (beginning with ...And Then There Were Three... in 1978). Rutherford was one of the main Genesis songwriters throughout their career and wrote the lyrics for some of the band's biggest international hits, such as "Follow You Follow Me", "Turn It On Again", "Land of Confusion" and "Throwing It All Away". He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Genesis in 2010.

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