Mike Rounds
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"Marion Michael "Mike" Rounds" is an United States/American Politics of the United States/politician who is the Seniority in the United States Senate/junior United States Senate/United States Senator from South Dakota, in office since 2015. A member of the Republican Party (United States)/Republican Party, Rounds served as the List of Governors of South Dakota/31st Governor of South Dakota/Governor of South Dakota from 2003 to 2011, having previously served in the South Dakota Senate from 1991 to 2001.

Rounds currently serves as a member of the Governors' Council at the Bipartisan Policy Center. On November 29, 2012, Rounds announced that in 2014 he would United States Senate election in South Dakota, 2014/run for the U.S. Senate seat held by Democrat Tim Johnson (U.S. Senator)/Tim Johnson, who was retiring.

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