Michael Foot
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"Michael Mackintosh Foot", Royal Society of Literature/FRSL was a British Labour Party (UK)/Labour Party politician and Intellectual#Men of letters/man of letters. He was a Member of Parliament (MP) from United Kingdom general election, 1945/1945 to United Kingdom general election, 1955/1955 and from Ebbw Vale by-election, 1960/1960 until United Kingdom general election, 1992/1992. He was Deputy Leader of the Labour Party (UK)/deputy leader of the Labour Party from 1976 to 1980, and later became the Leader of the Opposition (United Kingdom)/Leader of the Opposition from Labour Party (UK) leadership election, 1980/1980 to Labour Party (UK) leadership election, 1983/1983.

Associated with the Labour left for most of his career, Foot was a supporter of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and British withdrawal from the European Economic Community. His first Cabinet appointment was as Employment Secretary under Harold Wilson in 1974, and he later served as Leader of the House of Commons under James Callaghan. A passionate orator, he was Labour leader at the United Kingdom general election, 1983/1983 general election when the party obtained its lowest share of the vote at a general election since 1918 and the fewest parliamentary seats it had had at any time since before the 1945 general election.

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