Matt Dillon
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"Matthew Raymond "Matt" Dillon" is an American actor and film director. He began acting in the late 1970s, and gained fame as a teenage idol during the 1980s. He has appeared in films such as Little Darlings (1980), My Bodyguard (1980), Tex (film)/Tex (1982), Rumble Fish (1983), The Outsiders (film)/The Outsiders (1983), Drugstore Cowboy (1989), Singles (1992 film)/Singles (1992), Beautiful Girls (film)/Beautiful Girls (1996), There's Something About Mary (1998), Wild Things (1998), Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005), Crash (2004 film)/Crash (2005), You, Me and Dupree (2006), and Armored (film)/Armored (2009). In 2013, he appeared in the comedy film The Art of the Steal (2013 film)/The Art of the Steal as an art thief alongside Kurt Russell.

In 1990, he won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead for Drugstore Cowboy and in 2006, he won the San Sebastián International Film Festival#Donostia Honorary Award/San Sebastián International Film Festival Donostia Lifetime Achievement Award and the Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Male for Crash (2004 film)/Crash. In 2011, he received the special "Tomislav Pinter Award" at [ Avvantura Festival Zadar] (Croatia) upon his presence at the filmfestival.

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