Mark Hanna
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"Marcus Alonzo """Mark""" Hanna" was a Republican Party (United States)/Republican United States Senator from Ohio and the friend and political manager of President of the United States/President William McKinley. Hanna had made millions as a businessman, and used his money and business skills to successfully manage McKinley's presidential campaigns in United States presidential election, 1896/1896 and United States presidential election, 1900/1900.

Hanna was born in New Lisbon (today Lisbon, Ohio/Lisbon), Ohio, in 1837. His family moved to the growing city of Cleveland in his teenage years, where he attended high school with John D. Rockefeller. He was expelled from college, and entered the family mercantile business. He served briefly during the American Civil War and married Charlotte Rhodes; her father, Daniel Rhodes, took Hanna into his business after the war. Hanna was soon a partner in the firm, which grew to have interests in many areas, especially coal and iron. He was a wealthy man in Cleveland by his 40th birthday, and turned his attention to politics.

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