Mark Foley
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"Mark Adam Foley" is a former member of the United States House of Representatives. He served from 1995 until 2006, representing the Florida's 16th congressional district/16th District of Florida as a member of the Republican Party (United States)/Republican Party.

Foley resigned from Congress on September 29, 2006 acting on a request by the Republican Leadership after Mark Foley scandal/allegations surfaced that he had sent suggestive emails and sexually explicit Instant messaging/instant messages to teenage boys who had formerly served and were at that time serving as United States House of Representatives Page/Congressional pages. As a result of the disclosures, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement conducted investigations of the messages to find possible criminal charges. Each ended with no criminal finding. In the case of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the “FDLE conducted as thorough and comprehensive investigation as possible considering Congress and Mr. Foley denied us access to critical data,” said FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey with the closure of the case. The House Ethics Committee also conducted an investigation into the response of the House Republican leadership and their staff to possible earlier warnings of Foley's conduct.

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