"Mark Richard Dawson" is an entertainment manager and Chief Executive Officer/CEO of Dawson, Reeves and Zutaut Entertainment Group (otherwise known as DRZ Entertainment Group).

Dawson was born in London, the first son of actor/game show host Richard Dawson and actress Diana Dors. Previously, he had worked as an assistant to producer Mark Goodson as well as a showcase and question writer for The Price Is Right, Concentration (game show)/Concentration, The Better Sex, Match Game and Family Feud, and had served as a creative consultant of the latter show's second run with his father as host from 1994 to 1995. A young Dawson appeared alongside his father on a few early episodes of Family Feud as well. Dawson was also an associate producer at Rastar Productions and at NBC for You Bet Your Life#1988 Richard Dawson Pilot/You Bet Your Life, a remake based on the old 1950s Groucho Marx TV program that his father's production company produced in the 1980s. In 2001, he was hired by Paul Schrader as a technical advisor for the movie Auto Focus starring Greg Kinnear and Willem Dafoe.

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