Maria Bello
FameRank: 6

"Maria Elena Bello" is an American actress and writer. She has appeared in the movies Permanent Midnight (1998), Payback (1999 film)/Payback (1999), Coyote Ugly (film)/Coyote Ugly (2000), The Cooler (2003), A History of Violence (film)/A History of Violence (2005), Thank You for Smoking (film)/Thank You for Smoking (2006), and The Jane Austen Book Club (film)/The Jane Austen Book Club (2007). On television, she is known for her role as Anna Del Amico/Dr. Anna Del Amico on the NBC medical drama ER (TV series)/ER (1997–1998). She starred as Lucy Robbins on the Fox Broadcasting/Fox series Touch (TV series)/Touch alongside Kiefer Sutherland, in 2013.

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