"Manuel Gonzales" was a Spain/Spanish-USA/American Disney comics artist. He was born in Fresnadillo a CabaƱas, Province of Zamora/Zamora and died in Los Angeles.

Gonzales emigrated from Spain to the USA in 1918 via Ellis Island, and was employed at the List of assets owned by Disney#Studio Entertainment/Walt Disney Studios in September 1936, where he initially worked as an "in-betweener" on the motion picture, Snow White.

Later working in the comic strip department, Gonzales took over the illustrating of the Mickey Mouse Sunday page from Floyd Gottfredson in 1938. Only interrupted by his military service for the USA in World War II from 1942 to 1945, Gonzales performed this job until his retirement in 1981. During the war, he worked for the U.S. Army as an artist animating short newsreel clips promoting war bonds and the war effort.

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