Lou Ferrigno
FameRank: 6

"Louis Jude "Lou" Ferrigno" is an American actor, fitness trainer/consultant, and retired professional bodybuilder. As a bodybuilder, Ferrigno won an IFBB Mr. America title and two consecutive IFBB Mr. Universe titles, and appeared in the bodybuilding Documentary film/documentary Pumping Iron. As an actor, he is best known for portraying the titular role in the CBS television series The Incredible Hulk (1978 TV series)/The Incredible Hulk and vocally reprising the role in subsequent animated and computer-generated incarnations. He has also appeared in European-produced fantasy-adventures such as Sinbad of the Seven Seas and Hercules (1983 film)/Hercules, and as himself in the situation comedy/sitcom The King of Queens and the 2009 comedy I Love You, Man.

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