Kevin Rollins
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"Kevin Barney Rollins" is an American businessman and philanthropist. The former President and CEO of Dell/Dell Inc., in 2006 Rollins was named by London's CBR as the 9th Most Influential person in the Enterprise IT sector.[ CBRs Most Influential People]

Rollins was born and raised in Utah and met his wife Debra while attending Brigham Young University (BYU).[ Kevin and Debra Rollins Center for eBusiness - Kevin B. Rollins] While at BYU, Rollins earned a bachelors in Humanities and Civil Engineering in 1983 and an MBA a year later.[ Kevin Rollins] Before joining Dell in April 1996, Rollins was vice president and partner of Bain & Company where he specialized in strategies and management for high technology and consumer product clients. He helped develop strategies that propelled Dell into a commanding position in the direct selling of computer systems in the United States.

Rollins and his wife have four children and seven grandchildren.

Rollins became the chairman of the American Enterprise Institute's Board of Trustees on January 1, 2009.

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