Kerry Hannon
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"Kerry Hannon" is an United States/American author, career transition, personal finance and retirement expert, speaker and financial journalist,

Hannon is the author of nine books. Her latest is '" Love Your Job: The New Rules for Career Happiness, She is also the author of the gold-medal award-winning What's Next: Finding Your Passion and Your Dream Job in Your Forties, Fifties and Beyond' (Berkley, 2014) and the national bestseller "Great Jobs for Everyone 50+: Finding Work That Keeps You Happy and Healthy … And Pays the Bills ( Wiley September 2012). Hannon is the award-winning author of What's Next? Follow Your Passions and Find Your Dream Job (Chronicle Books). She is a columnist for The New York Times, AARP's Jobs Expert and writes the AARP "Great Jobs for Retirees" column. She also writes the “Second Verse” column for and is a contributing editor to Forbes magazine. She writes a money column for boomer women on the PBS website, Next Avenue. She is a contributing writer for Money magazine.

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