Keith Olbermann
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"Keith Theodore Olbermann" is an American sports and political commentator and writer. As of 2013 he hosts a late-night show on ESPN2 and TSN2 called Olbermann (TV series)/Olbermann, as well as being the studio host of TBS (TV channel)/TBS's Major League Baseball on TBS/Major League Baseball postseason coverage.

Previously, he was the chief news officer of the Current TV network and the host of the Current TV weeknight political commentary program, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, until March 30, 2012, a program he hosted with the same title and a similar format on MSNBC from March 2003 to January 2011.

During his time at MSNBC, Olbermann established a niche in United States cable news/cable news commentary, gaining note for his pointed criticism of right-wing or conservative politicians and public figures. Though he has frequently been described as a "Modern liberalism in the United States/liberal", he has resisted being labelled politically, stating "I'm not a liberal. I'm an American."

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