Joseph Cook
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"Sir Joseph Cook", was an Australian politician and the List of Prime Ministers of Australia/sixth Prime Minister of Australia. He worked in the coal mines of Silverdale, Staffordshire during his early life, he emigrated to Lithgow, New South Wales/Lithgow, New South Wales during the late 1880s, and became General-Secretary of the Western Miners Association in 1887.

A founding member of the Australian Labor Party, Cook was elected to the New South Wales Legislative Assembly as Member for Electoral district of Hartley (New South Wales)/Hartley on 3 July 1891. Later Cook switched to the Free Trade Party, and was a minister in the Reid ministry (New South Wales)/cabinet of Premier George Reid (Australian politician)/George Reid from 1894 to 1899. Cook was Postmaster-General of New South Wales/Postmaster-General 3 August 1894 to 27 August 1898. During Australia's Australian federal election, 1901/first federal election in 1901, Cook was elected unopposed to the federal seat of Division of Parramatta/Parramatta, and served as the deputy to Reid, then Alfred Deakin, following the creation of the Commonwealth Liberal Party from Cook's and Deakin's parties.

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