Jon Voight
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"Jonathan Vincent "Jon" Voight" is an American actor. He has won one Academy Award, out of four nominations, and four Golden Globe Awards, out of ten nominations. He is the father of actress Angelina Jolie and actor James Haven.

Voight came to prominence in the late 1960s with his performance as a would-be gigolo in Midnight Cowboy (1969). During the 1970s, he became a Hollywood star with his portrayals of a businessman mixed up with murder in Deliverance (1972), a paraplegic Vietnam veteran in Coming Home (1978 film)/Coming Home (1978), for which he won an Academy Award for Best Actor, and a penniless ex-boxing champion in the remake of The Champ (1979 film)/The Champ (1979).

Although his output slowed during the 1980s, Voight received critical acclaim for his performance as a ruthless bank robber in Runaway Train (film)/Runaway Train (1985). During the 1990s, he most notably starred as an unscrupulous showman attorney in The Rainmaker (1997 film)/The Rainmaker (1997). Voight gave critically acclaimed biographical performances during the 2000s, appearing as sportscaster Howard Cosell in Ali (film)/Ali (2001), as Nazi officer J├╝rgen Stroop in Uprising (2001 film)/Uprising (2001), and as Pope John Paul II in Pope John Paul II (TV miniseries)/the eponymous miniseries (2005).

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