"John Hardy" can refer to:

*John Hardy (song)/"John Hardy" (song), an American folk song about a murderer

*John Hardy (aviator), Australian aviator and Administrator of the Northern Territory

*John Hardy (composer), British composer

*John Hardy (geneticist), British human geneticist and molecular biologist

*John Hardy (jewelry) luxury handmade jewelry brand

*John Hardy (fl.1395-1406), MP for Wigan (UK Parliament constituency)

*John Hardy (MP) (1773–1855), British MP and businessman and father of first Earl of Cranbrook

*John Hardy (US politician) (1835–1913), U.S. Representative from New York

*Sir John Hardy, 1st Baronet (1809–1888), British Conservative Member of Parliament

*John Crumpton Hardy (20th century), President of the Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical College

*John Stockdale Hardy (1793–1849), English attorney

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