John Edwards
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"Johnny Reid "John" Edwards" is an American politician, who served as a United States Senate/U.S. Senator from North Carolina. He was the Democratic Party (United States)/Democratic nominee for Vice President in United States presidential election, 2004/2004, and was a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in Democratic Party (United States) presidential primaries, 2004/2004 and Democratic Party (United States) presidential primaries, 2008/2008.

Edwards defeated incumbent Republican Party (United States)/Republican Lauch Faircloth in North Carolina's United States Senate elections, 1998/1998 Senate election. Towards the end of his single six-year term, he sought the Democratic Party's nomination in the United States presidential election, 2004/2004 presidential election. He eventually became the 2004 Democratic candidate for vice president, the running mate of presidential nominee Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts.

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