John Buford
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"John Buford, Jr." was a Union Army/Union cavalry officer during the American Civil War. A West Point regular, born in the divided border state of Kentucky, he had many Southern connections, but opted to stay in the Union Army. His first command was a cavalry brigade under Major general (United States)/Maj. Gen. John Pope (military officer)/John Pope, and he distinguished himself at Second Battle of Bull Run/Second Bull Run, where he was wounded, and also saw action at Battle of Antietam/Antietam and Battle of Chancellorsville/Chancellorsville.

Arriving at the small town of Battle of Gettysburg/Gettysburg before the Confederate army was concentrated for battle, Buford was quick to recognize the importance of the high ground south of the town, and conducted delaying actions against superior infantry attacks until Union infantry units arrived to take up the fight and establish defensive positions on that ground. Later Buford rendered valuable service to Maj. Gen. George G. Meade, both in the pursuit of Robert E. Lee, and in the Bristoe Campaign, but his health started to fail, possibly from typhoid. On his deathbed, he received a personal message from President Abraham Lincoln, promoting him to major general in recognition of his tactical skill and leadership on the first day of Gettysburg.

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